Well..Dressed Hairdo!

As the wedding industry continues to boom…it seems as though nothing can be too customized, too chic or too fashion forward.  Seemingly an infinite amount of choices need to be considered by any average bride…

Colors – it’s not just pink and green or an all white wedding anymore.  Brides are selecting color palettes that are unique combinations reflecting themselves, the season or their moods. 

Dresses – first it was Vera, then Monique…now dozens of dress designers are creating gowns fit for any fashionista – and at any budget!

Dinner Tables – round tables were the norm just a few years back – but not only have square and {my favorite!} rectangular tables become almost common, there are even more to choose from now.  Rental companies are now offering taller tables where guests are seated on custom stool-like chairs to add yet another layer of texture and dimension to your setting.  Decor firms are moving forward with handfuls of customized table options – whether mirrored or even inlaid with a custom fabric (or gorgeous patterned wallpaper!), brides are able to ensure their special day is unlike any of their girlfriends.

Accessories are no exception.  If you’re not familiar, please let me introduce a new obsession…ban.do!  Started by two stylists in LA, ban.do is a super-duper charming lot of {mainly, but not exclusively} hair accessories like headbands, pins and bows.  Each even comes with it’s very own haiku!

The pieces are not limited to brides, however, many would make a gorgeous accent for girls who choose not to wear a veil – but still want some drama {yipee!  tiara’s are not the only non-veiled option!}

Here are a few of my favorites:
Their bridal line has beautiful head-bands and pieces, many with vintage inspired detailing.
The black label contains unique pieces that are all either one-of-a-kind or limited edition.  Vintage elements are incorporated, found from all over the world.
And the cutie heart by ban.do is an affordable line – with all pieces under $50.
When you’re in love – why not tell the whole world?!
A pretty yellow bow can make any basic outfit extrodinary!
Even your hair can be Well…Dressed!