Seasonal Bloom – Muscari

Heading out of the city to celebrate Easter with my family reminded me of the lushness and life that we, city-folk, often miss out on in exchange for crowded streets and skyscrapers.  
While the development of trees and growth of flowers seem more than just a little lazy in their push to make their debut – I did find a few signs of life this spring weekend…and they were much appreciated!
One of my favorite early bloomers are charming and delicate muscari, or grape hyacinths.  
These tiny delicate blooms are perennial {they’ll come back year after year without having to replant} and will bloom for an upwards of six weeks.
They are darling used in petite bud vases, or even used for contrast in a lovely spring bouquet.
And as the wise Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!'”
Love it.
{image credits} muscari bouquet and single stem from martha stewart.  bud vase photo taken from mary ruffle.