I am lucky enough to have a mom that has been my favorite friend for as long as I can remember.  I appreciated her as a youngin, as a teen and adored her in college.

As a mom, myself, I cherish her even more.  Looking back, she made being The Best mom in the world seem like the most effortless and easy role….something I know, first hand,  couldn’t possibly have been!  Seeing her with Carter floods my mind with memories of the absolute dream childhood she provided for my brother and I.

Mom is strong, loving, generous, unabashedly goofy, caring, gorgeous, selfless and the least lazy person I know!  Such an example for me, as I try to navigate my way through mommyhood.  My heart explodes with love and appreciation for my mom!

Whether you’re a New Mom, an Old Mom or a Future Mom – Happiest Mothers Day to you all!  Hopefully someone special spoils you rotten!