Just a Little Bit of Glitz…

I often encourage my clients to provide me with anything they find meaningful that I can then incorporate into their wedding design…I’ll create a bouquet wrapped in the fabric taken from her mothers wedding gown, or encourage the seamstress to secure a locket with a picture of a loved one to the inside of her voluminous gown. Simple ways to make the biggest day of her life even more special – if it is only just bride herself that is aware of ‘that extra special touch’.

It meant so much to me that my 91 year old grandmother was able to share our wedding day with us. I wanted to somehow honour her and her exciting presence – but wasn’t quite sure how. I ended up finding a charming and perfectly chic way one dreary April afternoon while my mother and I visited her.

My grandmother got married in 1939 and wore a simple, tailored suit that she embellished with glamorous Eisenhower Ice buttons. When I found those very buttons in her tattered jewelry box that early spring day, I knew instantly that adding them to secure my vintage brocade ribbons was the perfect sentimental touch I had hoped for.

(Thanks to the fab Gerber and Scarpelli team for capturing the special touch so beautifully. And thank you to my Botanicals staff for putting together my dreamy bouquet!)