Home for the Holidays

The wonderful Stacey Roney, co-founder of Glossed and Found (the hot new online magazine and newsletter, reporting the most current trends in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries) invited Jesse and I to be featured on their website as their lifestyle experts.

Stacey wanted to feature home holiday decor ideas that were easy to create and cost effective. Here are a few of my pointers to help make your home feel like a winter wonderland in no time:

-Fresh fresh fresh!! The use of fresh winter greens inside or outside will add a festive and welcoming aroma for you, your family and any guests. Whether it is a fresh pine garland or more modest wreaths from your local florist or boyscout or even loose clippings from your backyard thrown into an existing vase…the addition of fresh spruce, pine, juniper or cedar will lend a scent no candle can mimic!

-Cloved oranges. Another quick easy way to add a holiday fragrance to your kitchen or home is to take fresh oranges and stud spiced cloves directly into their waxy skin. Showcase the charming creations in a simple bowl on your kitchen island for a cost-effective color burst.

-Current Classics. Don’t waste your money on purchasing new holiday decorations from year to year…Choose pieces that are classic – but that still fit and speak to your personal style. Whether you select a glamorous Winter White theme or a Lodgey Rustic theme – finding key pieces to carry you from year to year is a sure way to allow for a little more $$ for a fancypants new holiday dress!

-Gorgeous Ribbons. As you may or may not know – I am a major ribbon snob…and adding some beautiful double-faced silk or extra-wide patterned ribbons to your home is an easy way to dress up the basics. Tie bundles of birch bark logs with ribbons and place them next to your fireplace. Tie lengths of ribbons around copious amounts of pine-tips on your christmas tree. Loop ribbon tails through your dinning room chairs (no bows!) to gracefully add color to the setting. PS: Tartan plaid may have been hot on the runways this season – but it’s even hotter for home decor!

Check out Glossed and Founds website (http://www.glossedandfound.com/) for the video footage of Jesse and I and the Botanicals Team simply enhancing ones home for the holidays…

Special thanks to Rachel and Stacey of Beauty on Call/Glossed and Found and the wonderful Fig Media crew for shooting the artful footage.

Ho ho ho.