Chicago is remarkable.  When we think we’re ready to pack up our bags and head south – we are given a week like this.  Sunshine and record highs had the city buzzing like it was Fourth of July Weekend.  Spirits soared and people were smiling and appreciative of the gorgeous gift of weather.
Inspired to make cucumber lemonade and sit on the balcony with a good book {one that I actually love!} I remembered, with a smile, this soothing photograph from my wedding.  {Oh yes, and we won’t touch on the fact that there isn’t time to indulge like that…clients have the day off and schedules must be kept!}
This photograph was taken on my wedding day as I was getting hair and make-up done.  It may come as no surprise that I like to surround myself with beauty to help ease my mind or to inspire.  When studying in college, I lit candles and cleared my desk-top as classical melodies danced in the background.  When working on a proposal, I like gather fresh flowers and keep them housed in a gorgeous vase, positioned perfectly in my periphery. 
My wedding day was no different…I brought a few gorgeous coral peonies housed in bud-vases to tuck here and there as we got pampered and prettied, and I brought my very own preppy-girls version of a pimp-cup:  my grandmothers vintage etched crystal water goblet to sip cool lemon water throughout the morning, ensuring I was properly hydrated and my nerves were calmed.
Enjoy this special Good Friday, whether you are celebrating your faith or celebrating the weather.  Reflect on things that make you happy, inspired and appreciative.
{image credit}  photography taken by gerber and scarpelli photography