Gift of Good Style

As a wife – to say that I am thrilled with the most fabulous piece of jewelry I’ll ever own…my engagement ring would be a massive understatement {ok, well, to be fair let’s also include the 4 dreamy diamond and sapphire wedding bands that Sucker Husband has added to my ring finger over the last couple of years}.  I’ve told The Man that {for now?} fancy jewelry does not need to be in the gift giving rotation.  And why not, you ask!?  Because there are perfectly fantastic cheap options out there around every corner, allowing me load up on ridiculous accessories each season.  While you may frequent Topshop, J.Crew or Forever 21 for flashy faux jewelry – one can never have too many resources when a bargain is involved.
Recently I’ve stumbled across Swell Caroline for darling pieces for myself and for stylish gifts.
These stud earrings would add the perfect pop to a simple turtleneck sweater this fall.  Very Lily van der Woodsen…
These darling enamel studs would be a charming hostess gift {pineapples are the symbol of hospitality, of course}.  And at $25, you can’t beat it with a bottle of champers in tow!
Or load up on all sorts of varied bracelets for an arm-full of action!
There are even a handful of statement necklaces to add to your collection.  
I always appreciate a bridesmaid gift that is thoughtful – a gesture of gratitude and appreciation rather than a gifted sash that everyone has to wear on her wedding day.  With a variety of options and styles, you can choose a gift that really is reflective of each of your girls’ style and personality.  And with such bargain price-tags…you can afford to still cover the cost of the mandatory up-do or lame flower-pin they all are required to don.  
PS:  I also thought these totes would be a simple way to allow the girls to collect all of their belongings {flip flops for later, pashmina, make-up, yoga clothes they wore to the hotel etc.} and stash under the head table or in the bridal suite.  {I always look like a bag lady on wedding days carrying dozens of purses, shopping bags etc. and would absolutely die if a bridal party came prepared with cutie manageable totes of personal belongings like these!}   
{image credits} all images from swell caroline with the exception of stylish bracelet girl taken from classy in the city