Call Me Crazy…Pale Bridesmaid Dresses are Chic!

I know, I know…It’s all about the bride!  However, I think it is absolutely unexpected and ultra-modern to dress your pals in barely-hued bridesmaid dresses.

I absolutely love that the maids wore a truer white, and the bride selected a gown that was a whisper warmer in color.  
Varying the look and style of each dress allows your girls to feel more comfortable and confident…who knows, perhaps they’ll actually wear their dress again!  {unheard of!}
Pale nude tones are still fashionably – and flattering!
Set yourself apart by requesting that your ladies wear short dresses.
Tiring of the typical sage green bridesmaid dress?  Be bold by dressing your girls in the softest, palest tones!
{image credits} 1&2 from martha stewart.  3 unknown source.  4 from giaconali photography