All About Babes – Welcome Gifts

Babies, babies, babies!  Babies are on the brain and I can’t blame it [all] on my little bun in the oven!  Handfuls of dear friends are welcoming new ones left and right!  
While I can’t pretend to be an expert on the first few weeks of mommyhood, I can only imagine that there is little time for sleep, for healthy eating or any relaxation.  
When a girlfriend recently had her baby girl, I was dying for a visit – but one must not arrive without an armful of goodies – so I put together this quick and easy collection:
A hearty, but healthy meal that would last a couple of days, making great left-overs.  My dinner-in-a-bag consisted of:
1.  Lowfat Turkey Chili
Lean ground turkey
Canned fire-roasted tomatoes
Cannelini beans, black beans, kidney beans or beans of your preference [I often mix the varieties]
Diced and quickly sautéed onions
Minced garlic
Grill roasted corn kernels [always from the cob!]
Diced yellow paper
Chopped Yellow squash or zucchini 
Add garlic salt, cumin, chili powder, cayenne and red paper flakes [mama needs some heat!] to taste.
2.  Essential Chili Accompaniments
Multigrain chips, lowfat shredded cheese, avocado to dice, lowfat sour cream
3.  Jalapeño Cornbread
I absolutely cheat and use the small blue boxes that Jiffy makes and add diced fresh jalapeño for extra zing
4.  Easy compound butter for the cornbread
I made a brown sugar/honey butter this time
5.  Vino!
Necessary for a little relaxation strategically fit between naps and nursing.
My sweet aunt and uncle live on a farm and keep chickens and are always trying to share the wealth – lucky us!  So I also brought a handful of farm-fresh eggs to help with a quick breakfast [omelet, scrambled eggs] lunch [baby spinach salad with poached egg] or hardboiled for protein in a flash!
And, finally, as clothes and gifts may be piling up by the day for the grateful family, I brought just a little something for the new babe:  Stationary and a pink pen to scribe the many thank-you notes that will surely help mommy fill her afternoons.
Congratulations to all the new mamas out there!  Any advice about what YOU’D like to receive from any visitors??