Absolutely Charmed

Preparing for a bridal shower tomorrow, I popped by the floral market early this morning.  {After a quick spin around the French Market on Clinton for a latte and macarons – loving the start to this day!}  To my complete astonishment and utter joy, I stumbled upon heaps of delicious Coral Charm peonies!!
Peonies in August?!  Quality and colorful peonies in August?!  I tell you no lie…every now and then we may be graced with this delight, but please please please don’t start changing your floral decor plan for your wedding later this month – the price tag is hefty and availability is extremely limited.
Here are a few Coral Charm-inspired images…
i love you, too.
The more delicate ‘cup’ variety have loads of golden anthers for a beautiful and bright color contrast.
Love the abundant blooms showcased in a polished silver urn.
Not a peony.  But would certainly love to sip one of these beauties while gazing at a fresh bundle of them!
Love the simple drama of a long table with individual bud-vases displaying the rolling landscape of peonies.
Look at this size of this!  It is not unusual to get lucky with blooms that develop to be the size of a salad plate!
Yes, perhaps I will set-up a beverage station with a setting inspired by the coral peony.  Well, it may have to be next time – the color palette for tomorrow is robin’s egg blue and yellow!  {Bugger!}
{image credits} tagged peony by mary ruffle, images 2-6 from martha stewart, libation station by sarah chen photography